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What a day it was! Loved seeing all of you who came! It was emotional!!! For everyone who couldn’t make it, we will come and see you on tour very soon! If you didn't share your story in the Ghost Box, you can still share it by emailing 
We also have some UncannyCon posters and tees left for sale in our merch shop! Free poster with every tee! Huge thanks to everyone who came!


Photo Credits: Hannah Goodwin

Danny Robins Signature

NEW: The Witch Farm

It's 1989, rural Wales, a lonely old farmhouse in the shadow of the imposing Brecon Beacons mountains. Young, pregnant Liz Rich and her artist husband Bill rent an isolated farmhouse in the Welsh countryside, with Bill's teenage son Laurence. They're hoping for a fresh start, but the house holds dark secrets, and the family's new life becomes a terrifying ordeal that will change them forever.

Their dream home has become a haunted nightmare - but what is real and what is in their minds?

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